What Is An Independent Financial Advisor?

You may be asking, why would I need an independent financial advisor? That is a good question and deserves a good answer. Many entrepreneurs both young and old have found themselves in situations regarding the financial stability of their company or enterprise that weren’t good.

They may have not actually seen it coming, or aren’t that good at financial management to begin with. Many an inventor or very smart businessperson has started something truly great and failed due to fiscal mismanagement. It just wasn’t their forte.

This is where a really good independent financial advisor comes in handy. This would be a person whom can guide you through the pitfalls and headaches of trying to know where to go for money for growth, purchasing, employee benefit plans, or just day to day running of the business.

Not only in the business world do we need an independent financial advisor but in many personal situations as well. Take the lucky person who wins a lottery. What are they going to do with all that newly found money? Most of us wouldn’t have a clue. An independent financial advisor is someone who knows how to handle a problem like that.

So who exactly is this independent financial advisor? What makes him or her so different from us? There are usually two different types. One would be the self-made financial advisor. This person would have sufficient historical skills from having done this sort of thing all his or her life and has been quite successful at it. They would have a keen common sense approach to all things financially related and are just good at doing it.

The other would be the person who went to school, has a knack for math and logical thought processes, and has worked in finances for a period of time either for themselves or someone else. These people are clear minded and know what to do in order to accomplish positive goals that have been well thought out in advance.

A good independent financial advisor will be able to take the information available, put it in a understandable format and show you how to make things work under a workable plan of action from beginning to end. You must be able to trust them, grant them access to your finances, and put the suggested plan into action and stick with it till completed.