Financial Advisor Training and What Happens Afterwards

If you are interested in financial advisor training, you have to know the main responsibility for financial advisors is to oversee an investor’s portfolio and to provide them with financial advice. In return for these services a financial advisor will charge the investor a fee. Financial advising is not a commission based position like most stock brokers. The money that pays a financial advisor’s salary is a fixed percentage from the investments of their clients. Anyone that is interested in financial advisor training will be required to take and pass the series 65 exam in order to hold a position in this field. People that complete the financial advisor training and pass the exam to receive their license will be able to make a steady income without being affected by the performance of the market.

When it comes to financial advisor training, most people will start out by taking some finance and accounting courses in college. This is very important because these courses will prepare you for all the exams necessary to carry a license in this field. For those that are currently working as financial advisors, it is very common for them to hold as least a bachelor degree in finance, accounting or business. A master’s degree is not a requirement for financial advising, but it does stand out when potential clients are reviewing your credentials. It will also help when trying to find a broker to sponsor you when you are ready to take your exams for a license.

Anybody that has been through financial advisor training will need to take the Series 7 Stockbroker’s Exam and the Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law Exam, and pass it with a score of at least 70. Everything you learned over the years in your college classes to prepare you with your financial advisor training will be listed on these exams. If your score is not satisfactory on these exams, you will receive another chance to retake it in 30 days. After you have passed the exam, you will receive more extensive financial advisor training from the broker who has sponsored you. This training can vary depending on the firm, lasting anywhere between 17 days to more than 3 years. This all depends on the financial investment firm you are working for. Once this financial advisor training concludes, you will be required to invest long hours until you establish a client base. As a financial advisor, you will be part of a challenging and rewarding career. Those that are hard working and charismatic will experience the most success in this career field.